Employee Commendation

Complaints consist of information available to the public who wish to file a report on a police officer for misconduct.

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Internal Affairs Group
Internal Affairs Group
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Employee Commendation

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1. Internal Affairs Group
  • The Internal Affairs Group serves the Los Santos Police Department by handling the department's legal affairs, complaints, commendations and internal disciplinary appeals. As such, it is the responsibility of the Internal Affairs Group to ensure that employee commendations are handled properly and that officers are rewarded for providing exemplary service to citizens of the state, or employees of other government agencies.
2. Commendation Process
  • A commendation may be filed at any police station, by email, or by sending a letter to the Internal Affairs Group. Once filed, the commendation will be reviewed by the Commanding Officer, Internal Affairs Group. The commendation will then be assigned a reference number and forwarded to the concerned Commanding Officer within the department. The reporter will be informed of the outcome of their commendation once it is reviewed by the concerned Commanding Officer.
3. Commendation Form
  • Commendations may be submitted by filing the following form and sending it to the Internal Affairs Group:
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    [hr][/hr][center][size=120][b]EMPLOYEE COMMENDATION[/b][/size]
    [size=110][b]INTERNAL AFFAIRS GROUP[/b]
    LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT[/size][/center][hr][/hr]
    [b][size=125]1. Reporter[/size][/b]
    [list][b]1.1. Name:[/b] Firstname Lastname
    [b]1.2. Phone Number:[/b] 
    [b]1.3. Address:[/b] 
    [b]1.4. Agency (If Applicable):[/b] Agency Name
    [b]1.5. Rank (If Applicable):[/b] Rank Within Agency[/list]
    [b][size=125]2. Employee(s)[/size][/b]
    [list][b]2.1. Name(s):[/b] Firstname Lastname
    [b]2.2. Serial Number(s):[/b] #####
    [b]2.3. Description(s):[/b] Detailed description of employee if no badge number, callsign, nor name is obtained. Include any evidence that may be used to identify employee.
    [b][size=125]3. Incident[/size][/b]
    [list][b]3.1. Date(s) and Time(s):[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY HH:MM
    [b]3.2. Location(s):[/b]
    [b]3.3. Detailed Description of Event(s) and Employee Involvement:[/b] Detail the incident and the reasons you would like to commend the officer.
    [b]3.4. Witnesses:[/b] Include any witnesses, other officers, or supervisors that were present. Include their contact information, if known.
    [b]3.5. Evidence:[/b] Include any evidence (e.g phone recording, video, etc.)
    [b](( 3.6. Out-of-Character Evidence )):[/b] Include any out of character evidence (e.g chatlogs, screenshots, video footage, etc.)
    [b][size=125]4. Information[/size][/b]
    [list=none][b]4.1. Additional Information:[/b] Detail any additional information or concerns[/list]
    [list][b]Signature:[/b] Signature
    [b]Date:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY
5. Contact Information
  • Comments, suggestions, and inquires regarding this process are to be forwarded to the Commanding Officer, Internal Affairs Group.